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Learn marketing methods and techniques to activate, acquire, and achieve massive success. 

Who is Charlie Cina?

Learn from a sales master that sold into Billion Dollar Las Vegas projects!


Charlie Cina.

Disciple of Sales.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For the past 30 years Charlie has worked in high-level sales environments, building sales teams and driving revenue.  Sign up for the Expose and Close Academy and learn that no matter what products or services you represent, we all have one thing in common. We are all in the distribution business and our primary responsibility is to: Expose Yourself, Expose Your Brand, Expose Your Products, Expose Your Services, Close More Deals and Drive MASSIVE Revenue.

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What you will learn!

Expose Your Brand

PRESENT, POSITION, and PROFIT. PRESENT yourself in a way that's unforgettable at the first point of contact. POSITION yourself as the only logical choice so you can dominate your space. PROFIT by creating or recreating your products and services to create multiple streams of revenue.

Powerful Words & Mindsets

Words are things. Words trigger pictures, which trigger emotions, which lead to action steps. Get ready to learn how to connect the dots by utilizing the right words and learn the MINDSET, MISSION, and MOVES to succeed.

When You Expose You Close

Learn to close high-level clients with simple  million-dollar moves.

Expose Your Message

In sales, marketing, and promotion there is no such thing as old school or new school. You must use every road, opportunity, relationship, tool, tip, strategy, or technique to get to the bank.

Learn  tried-and-true simple strategies to acquire clients, grow your brand, increase your revenue, and master the mindset, mission, and moves to become a disciple of sales. Charlie Cina has sold into billion-dollar projects like the Wynn Resort, Palazzo Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, and MGM. He has collaborated and worked with companies like Pepsi, Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction, and the Discovery Channel. Using this proven system allowed him to acquire clients like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jon Taffer, Eric Thomas, and numerous others.


Don't wait another minute. Enroll today and Learn How to Expose and Close. 


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